A Philosophy to Live by

We need a new Philosophy to live by, that much is clear.
“The issue is Socialism versus Capitalism.
I am for Socialism because I am for humanity.
We have been cursed with the reign of gold long enough.”
~ Eugene Debs Socialist Party candidate in America, 1912

Note* I’m not attacking legitimate, orthodox Religion…

I’m attacking charlatans like Ted Cruz…amongst other role-models.

You can’t pray to be successful in a business merger.

Or did I miss the sermon on the mount where Jesus discussed how to be a success in Business?

Maybe I should check my emails.

The following, apart from the Exxon quote, is complete fiction…


Dex Pillerson, the CEO of one of the largest and most infamous of corporations, namely ExxonMobil, who works in one of the most profitable and rapacious industries on Earth, recently made a candid statement about his Life, his loves and his particular philosophy on life.

As an example of his philosophy in application, he described an act known as ‘radical generosity’, a term coined by Mr Dex Pillerson to demystify his controversial solutions to ending the food and water riots in his local community, riots which were now exploding all over the World, as well as throughout his shire like a series of staged fireworks exhibitions.

Mr Pillerson put down the ornate marble and gold telephone receiver and explained:

“My strategy is simple, you divide and conquer.

Let’s say for example some activists have taken over an area disrupting the mining production and manufacturing industry in your town.

You target the most radical bunch of food and water activist’s within the area that you wish to eliminate, to debug, and then you acquiesce to their demands by giving them exactly what they want…20 times over!”

“When the others see what they have, and the amount and quality of non-gmo food and fresh, clean water it creates so much resentment and enmity, that they sense betrayal and eventually a skirmish develops over a carton of eggs or whatever.

It’s like that tiny leak in the dam, which brought the entire dam down…and so from there it only takes a few words in the right direction, the right meme dropped into the right headline, and Bob’s your uncle…and even if he isn’t, once that trickle begins my boy, it’s all over bar the shouting mate.

Freely translated : “Let the money Flow!” ~ “Let Business Run!”

“In other words you break up the organization from within”  Pillerson puffed proudly amidst coils of pipe smoke, jabbing at the air with some organic material in his organic, hand-carved pipe, as he elaborated for the sake of the local community that had braved the wet elements lashing the coast, coming out in reasonably sized handfuls, like fairy penguins, to personally welcome him.

Looking every inch the financial guru, something which the local press had quickly picked up on, Pillerson had been described as: ‘a CEO’s CEO…’ in a cringe-worthy local headline sounding every bit like a line of adolescent hero-worship from some tear-stained diary.

As our local-boy made good celebrity magnanimously gave away free samples from his latest cottage enterprise of home-grown, ORGANIC, ‘magically enhanced’ medicinal herbs, promising equal-opportunity employment for all he shouted:  “The first one’s always Free Boys, remember that!” promptly receiving a rousing ovation followed by a stolid, lackluster rendition of : “For he’s a jolly good Fellow.”

It seemed that Pillerson, despite receiving the equivalent of a King’s ransom for a salary just couldn’t let go…he had to keep his hand in so to speak, as a committed, confirmed venture Capitalist by investing in a series of local business opportunities.

According to the packaging which he himself had written, these ‘handy-sized’ containers of medicinal Power-herbs, like any good snake-oil salesman’s claims, were capable of alleviating and in some cases curing a wide host of bizarre and often bewildering ailments ranging from apoplexy, the inability to laugh, loss of appetite, an inability to fantasize or doodle, it helped with an inability to appreciate music, among other things, and even gout would somewhat relent under the sway of his magically enhanced herbs.

Although Dex was the Chief Snake-oil salesman and CEO of the largest Oil empire in the history of man, and therefore entitled to an equally monstrous, disproportionate share of the wealth, Dex believed in the virtues of the proletarian work-ethic, and therefore he never missed an opportunity to teach his youngsters how to make ‘spending money’ in a matter of hours on any given weekend, an amount usually equivalent to what an employee of his could earn, at least when the conditions were right, working for an entire month.

Blissfully unaware of the hostility generated by their iniquitous, privileged position, one which only obscene amounts of money could grant them, a situation which was all too common among the children of the 1%, these lessons on ‘making money’ were for his boys invariably a grueling and tedious experience, being literally forced to watch their VR Avatars going through the motions.

But it was a lesson, one of many which his children’s Avatars needed to learn, observed Dex, and so a VR Church was built right in the heart of their local Grocer-Mart, a convenient, recent business acquisition of his which turned out to be ideal for that authentic ‘one-stop’ shopping experience with a religious theme at its heart.

Cartoon Goldman hedge

For the children of Dex Pillerson it soon became a cherished place, with a Bible education class that focused extensively on the financial aspects of God’s accounting house in the ancient World, and housing a pet-dinosaur exhibit second to none, it was here among the displays and glass cabinets of Intelligent Design, that nonsensical ‘science’ was finally proven wrong and given its marching orders thought Dex with smug satisfaction, and it was here within these sacred walls that his children were diligently instructed on how to make greater profits using a new, racier version of the Old Testament for inspirational lessons.

Intense, 3-hour marathon Bible classes, with full blood-curdling action sequences were held almost religiously, every other Sunday…needless to say it was always a packed house.

There was always a golden, one-off Business opportunity involved in the midst of the revelations that were uncovered.

Supervised by his boys, they would privately challenge each other in a race to see who could make the first infusion of cash, and the sessions would always end the same way, with ‘tokens of interest’ i.e investment donations being sucked from the wireless pockets of the assembled local community in thin, densely colored, streams of digital particles, which were then speedily reassembled and processed in a nearby counting-house room before their patrons could fully appreciate exactly what had happened.

And so to his Philosophy…:~

Quoth he ; “My Philosophy is to make money” March 7, 2013

So, this was said with the assured ease and poise of one of the planet’s true success stories…one of Capitalism’s real-life, heroic role-models.

Gosh, one would assume that he must be devastatingly perceptive, and acutely talented to have attained such a lofty perch, such a remote and rarefied ivory tower from which to wax poetically, from which to ponder and pontificate about Life and it’s seemingly incorruptible mysteries…

From this bewildering height above the terrain, what marvelous, unique vistas of understanding I imagine await us, having lain dormant for so many centuries, and which can now perhaps finally be revealed to us by his research staff?

In other words what unique perspective, and wisdom concerning our collective fate can this CEO with his best Futurologists and Scientists provide us, from the hermetically-sealed, surgical atmosphere of his fully self-contained Lab?

What sweeps of history, what arcs of technological development will Dex Pillerson’s philosophy encompass I wonder?

Let us consider again what was said, and see if we can learn and deduce something from what must be rare wisdom indeed.

“My Philosophy is to make Money”…Yeh, look you said that already…

Oh, come on Really?


And that was all she wrote…?

That was the best he could come up with?

Articulate, ain’t he?

Hmmm…not exactly a great deal of content to interpret, but I guess brevity is the Soul of Wit as Shakespeare would have us believe…

Not to end World hunger, or World poverty perhaps? No, I guess not…

Tsk, tsk, even the Miss World beauty contestants scored better than that.

Not to lead a decent, ethically and morally pure Life? No?

“My philosophy…” er yes, Mr Pillerson, we know, it is to make money.

Not to devote your Life to helping others, like say the ill, the needy and the crippled…?

Not to study, and then perhaps to educate, to teach on Life’s mysteries? Certainly not…

“No, of course not…I said it’s to make Money!”

Nor does his philosophy aid or assist us, when embarking on that final intangible journey across the river Styx…no succor, no compassion is to be found.

There is no humanity in his message, not even the remotest sign of emotional intelligence…or for that matter any sign of intelligence at all.

There is merely the sound of machine gears clicking and a bleak, howling desert wind.

His philosophy offers no words of joy or empathy, or especially on his part; gratitude; for ‘being alive’ long enough to bear witness, as the southern hemisphere softly, and so achingly reveals itself in the evenings, pulsing breathlessly as it emerges to unveil a wounded night sky filled with grey-pink roses…

It does not attempt to define, or bear witness to the beauty and the majesty of God as defined by your own understanding…Sigh…

God must surely be pitied as having the unique and ironic privilege of being the only galactic entity, the only omnipotent being in the entire universe which needs to come wrapped in its own preamble, and lives more in a cardboard or leather-bound book, scattered across the globe, than anywhere else in the tangible, physically verifiable world.

Nor it seems, having traveled the ladder upwards ever upwards, right through the glass-ceiling and into the rarefied climes of the 1%, nor has this experience granted or imbued our little CEO’s vision, his philosophy, with any desire or ability to uplift, ennoble, move or inspire anyone or anything other than himself…

Which, if you think about it, is no mean feat, and is actually quite an accomplishment in the arena of ‘Selfishness’…

No, it’s er, all about the making of : ‘Filthy Lucre…’…his money.

Just between you and me, I cannot think of a more selfish, more insular and of a more clone-like mindset than the cognitive cocoons of our industrious CEOs, as they jet about in the air-conditioned skies like slick, bloated angels, giddy on the guilt and privilege, inebriated on their 1% airs…and blissfully unaware of the tragic consequences of their actions on our globe…it is as Dylan said :

“You play with my World, like it’s your little Toy”.

I mean just look at the shallow, indifferent greed and insensitivity, and what is to my mind at least, a type of masochistic service to a warped dream, to a sick, obsession in which the subject and object have become confused, entangled…

Where Money is no longer merely a means to an end and a paper tiger abstraction, it has become the thing-in-itself, to be lusted after above all other considerations…

The type of materialistic viewpoint being preached by our CEO, in which every fiber of our Spiritual landscape is being eroded and replaced with an incessantly babbling Consumer environment, leads us by the nose straight back to Money, in a relationship doomed to failure, as it does not and cannot nourish what some have termed ‘the human soul’ for want of a better name.

Producing instead generations of needy, dysfunctional, fatally-flawed children who have been nurtured by the same message, who yearn uncertainly for something to buy, which can fill the hole in their hearts, pathetically chasing after the blessings of an indifferent God in a tragic, needy relationship.

It was Gabor Mate who first described these victims of the environmental effects of modern Consumerism as ‘Hungry Ghosts’ after an ancient Buddhist text.


The voice of our false idol in the temple of WALL ST is filled with alluring promises, but invariably becomes more absent and distant of meaning, as we attempt to capture and re-live the superficial sugary ‘high’ which the rewards of materialism initially invoked…

These children of a plastic dawn arose out of the toxic forest of a Consumer-oriented Shoppers paradise, and they are like unfortunate moths to the light, if they don’t escape their perceptual chains, they will eventually be destroyed by their own particular obsessive addictions, attempting to quell the bottomless pain in the wan, unequal exposure to the light, starved of oxygen, sucking on the Consumer dream like a life-line to their sanity, and just drifting aimlessly through society, looking for the next angry fix, with no direction to home, no compass and shrouded in a black, spirit-sapping powdery darkness.
Relax…those fleeting shadows behind your eyes are not God, they are merely the after-glow of over-stimulation of the optic nerve, a result of overexposure from the mass media and its ubiquitous screens.

Screens which tell me that I am inadequate, not good enough, beautiful enough, sharp enough, clean enough or rich enough, and that in order to fill the void in my life, I need to Consume…

“What???…but you promised me I’d be Happy…if only I had the latest iphone…”

Personally, I don’t know about you but I am getting pretty sick and tired of hearing their particular form of enlightened wisdom, which is really just an incessant bleating, a single-strand, monotone message, a one-note repetitious droning sound about ‘more cash’ over and over…and quite honestly?

I think that it is obvious to all of us that our ‘little world’ is seriously in trouble, and I think that Gaia feels the same way…this Earth of ours cannot handle much more of their mono-dimensional, single-tone insanity! Their rigorous, dogmatically-straight thinking.

Are our benighted Leaders so seriously lacking in imagination, in intellectual aptitude?

Can none of these ‘Heads’ or ‘Captains’ of our industries see any other approach or solutions to the calamitous, critical state which our world is in, other than just more of the same ole, same ole?

Are they all so conditioned by our Machine-like, unconscious System that they cannot see that throwing further money after our collective problems is just throwing more fuel on the fire?

I think it was Einstein who observed that repeatedly committing the same identical, unsuccessful act, like hitting your head against a brick wall over and over again, each time expecting a different result, hoping for a better outcome, is really the very definition of ‘insane behavior’.

Conclusion? These men, these Captains and CEO’s of our industries, are Mad.

Literally suffering a form of insanity…

In an Age where almost half the world — over three billion people— live on less than $2.50 a day, and where at least 80% of the entire human race live on less than 10 dollars a day, to say out-loud in such an Age, as our CEO so haughtily did, that your Philosophy ( a noble pursuit in itself ) is to Make Money, betrays an unbelievably blind, callous mindset, from someone living inside a gilded cocoon or a bubble, as no man is an island.

While it is the act itself, the act of accumulating money, performed ritually in a series of mind-numbingly repetitive, simplistic steps, which is akin to a trained chimpanzee inside of a cage, who obsessively presses a bar in the hope that more sweets may appear.

If you placed some digital screens in his cage, and dressed the monkey suitably in a Wall St uniform, the illusion would be complete!

It is this behavior, a series of trivial calculations, a brief chat with a colleague and some confirmations via data screen, it is these shallow, mindless tasks accompanied by a hugely disproportionate salary for our CEO when compared with what he actually performed, which reveals how truly bankrupt, conditioned and less-than-human our CEOs and the financial sector in general have become in this economic Machine of ours, and it simultaneously reveals just how much like chimpanzees, in gilded cages, they really appear to be.

Remember…it is those things which we cannot give up, which we obsess over compulsively not unlike an addict, they are the things that enslave us.

NOTE* Although the CEO in question, and his famous quote exist, the rest of the story is pure fiction and bears no resemblance to any living person…or does it?

As for GOD…do with this concept what you will, for me it was just a stage prop.

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