Any Bernie Sanders supporters who now support Hillary must have forgotten why they were supporting Bernie in the first place.

The #dncleaks should have been enough to convince anyone that this election has been rigged. But the DNC have made light work of any dissent, a resignation here, an apology there, even Bernie himself has done his bit to dampen the outrage. They make out that the leaks were an embarrassment, that the leaks were mainly about disrespecting Sanders. But they clearly demonstrate that the winner was decided a long time ago. This is a clear sign of electoral fraud, but instead of calling it as so or even demanding an investigation, Obama and the rest of the Democrat establishment resort to their usual “terrorism” accusations like a manipulative child.


Meanwhile Bernie’s current actions just demonstrate how little he must care about true revolution, he is willing to compromise so much that his earlier efforts seem meaningless. Either that or he is genuinely unaware of what it’s going to take to instigate real change. Whichever it is, he can no longer be relied on to further the movement he once inspired.

Many will say that this line of thought is simply sour grapes and that maybe we should “get over it”. This bad loser argument is missing the point entirely. This isn’t about Bernie losing. It’s about everything we stood for, abandoned, the revolution we had hoped for, betrayed. Hillary isn’t a compromise, she’s everything the Bernie movement was fighting against. This isn’t a tantrum. This is venting our disappointment with being sold out, deceived, and manipulated by who we’re fighting against, and then persuaded to join them.

Anyone who came for the revolution needs to continue the revolution by any means necessary. Don’t listen to the Hillary hype. Don’t fall for the Trump fear. Don’t even worry about the result of the election. Our dependence on governance to solve our problems is misguided anyway. The revolution needs to happen despite who is in power.

This was never about Bernie Sanders. It was about fighting back against the culture of war, fear, inequality, corruption, environmental destruction and lies. It was about building a better world. Something Hillary Clinton is not going to do.

Berners Supporting Clinton Are Traitors to the Revolution
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I believe that by pandering to corporate interests disguised as elected politicians we are wasting our potential, and running out of time. We could be so much more, yet we continue to fall for the notion that selfishness is a virtue. I really hope civilisation can move past this self-destructive phase and start exploring the galaxy soon. Follow on Twitter

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