Blue Maga

Trump lost, Biden took office and the Blue MAGA crowd have come out in force to claim their victory for progressives everywhere. Is this a win for progressives though?

Now of course Trump is terrible, Donald did not drain the swamp – he polluted and expanded it. So after four years we are left with a toxic swamp which has permeated into every corner of the United States. Leaving the world looking at a country struggling to remove a Trump tumour before the subsequent metastatic sludge is addressed.

Divided States

The U.S should now be referred to as the Divided States, if the media had an ounce of honesty about it they would probably call it a failed state. We are talking about a country with “the best medical care” few can afford, people who get bachelor degrees to work at Walmart saddled with twenty plus years of student debt. A country where people send their children to school knowing they could get shot is a distinct possibility, where going outside has become a survival sport because you can not be sure of how an interaction with the police will unfold – best if you are not a person of colour. 

This is a country, led by both sides of the political sphere to dominate the world through conflict. A country that takes what it wants, from who it wants, when it wants. Damned are the people bombed into peace, democracy, or whatever other excuse for mass death the government of the day sells. The military industrial complex continually has money shoveled into it, while the inequality gap between the rich and poor continues to widen. So vast is the rift between the rich and working poor you could drive an entire country through it. Not by a single beneficial social metric does the Divided States lead the world. Not one.

The entire nation looks like it is divided down the middle, MAGA versus Blue MAGA. People so feverishly waving red or blue flags they can not be judicial in their assessments of anything. Either Trump was robbed, having the election stolen from him or Biden is swooping in to save the day implementing a Green New Deal.

With Trump such a grotesque anathema it is not terribly difficult to vote in someone or something moderately improved, and moderately superior is all the Divided States has gotten. Honestly a capuchin monkey would be an improvement over Trump, the bar for improvement probably could not have been lower, I am not sure a tapeworm could limbo below it.

Still Blue MAGA are out in force celebrating horse farts and telling us all what we are smelling is roses. After all, the corporate racist war criminal multi-millionaire sexual predator is now replaced by a corporate racist war criminal multi-millionaire sexual predator.

Blue MAGA, Just Another MAGA

The deluded left Blue MAGA are not all that different to the right wing MAGA, they both sook and cry when they don’t get what they want- a whole nation of snowflakes. The right wing crying about a stolen election is not very divergent from the left having a temper tantrum and stomping their feet four years ago with the “not my president” protests. We might not like Trump, or the electoral process, but he was fairly elected the same way Biden has been this time around.

The left also appears to have very quickly forgotten just how close this election was, Biden did not romp home, no “blue wave” materialised. From the outside it looks like the chief concern was with removing Trump, widespread support for the DNC did not eventuate as expected. However while losing seats in the house the Democrats did manage to gain control of the senate. This gives the DNC control of not only the Presidency but both the house and the senate, which means there is no excuse for not getting a strong and progressive Green New Deal passed into legislation. No excuses.

The naive Blue MAGA can’t see the forest for the trees, they see a win not the conditions which lead to a Trump presidency. They are fine with a divided country, attacking people who don’t agree with them. No grown up discussion is coming from this community, they are not interested in listening to the concerns of people who fall outside their clicky group. They are more than happy to sell themselves as “progressives” while failing to look at anything systematically. The Blue MAGA are not progressive at all, they celebrate the status quo – as long as it wears a blue suit. Blue no matter who sycophants.

Blue MAGA Saves The Day
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