Towards a Better Economy: The Case for a Resource-Based System

Capitalism has been the dominant economic system for several centuries, characterised by private ownership and control of the means of production with the pursuit of profit as the main driver of economic activity. However, the limitations of this system have become increasingly apparent in recent years, leading to calls for a shift towards a more sustainable and equitable economic system.

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The Tyranny Of Work

I’ve always hated work.

By work, I mean the mundane, repetitive act of getting up before I’m ready, travelling to some office/warehouse/supermarket, and wasting hours of my life performing menial tasks just so that I can eat and put a roof over my head.

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A Philosophy to Live by

For the children of Dex Pillerson it soon became a cherished place, with a Bible education class that focused extensively on the financial aspects of God’s accounting house in the ancient World, and housing a pet-dinosaur exhibit second to none, it was here among the displays and glass cabinets of Intelligent Design, that nonsensical ‘science’ was finally proven wrong and given its marching orders thought Dex with smug satisfaction

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