Extinction Rebellion; The Resistance to Save Humanity


Our changing climate, rapid and accelerating loss of biodiversity, extreme levels of ecological degradation, expanding inequality and increasing instances of abject poverty are all an existential threat to our entire species. All of the comforts we have come to enjoy, everyone you know and love are at risk. We must act now in a concerted effort, or face extinction.

This is a call to action, to the youth and the aged alike, to the poor and people of wealth, irrespective of creed, nationality, or gender, we must all come together as a united species and move to end all destructive practices pushing our biosphere to the brink of collapse.

As individuals we may feel powerless to overcome the might of the social machine driving us towards oblivion however, working together we can retake the reigns of control and steer our society in the direction of sustainability and equitability. This is your moment, this is our moment, we must not let it go quietly into the good night. We must stand together for each other and resist for the future of our species and indeed life on our planet.

Join the Extinction Rebellion today and stand up for humanity, stand up for life, in the face of an antiquated and outmoded social design. The time is now, join the movement, find out how you can help and act.

There is no time left to waste.

Extinction Rebellion demands:

  1. Our governments must tell the truth about the climate and wider ecological emergency, reverse inconsistent policies and work alongside the media to communicate with citizens.
  2. Our government must enact legally binding policy measures to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025 and to reduce consumption levels.
  3. National Citizen’s Assemblies to oversee the changes must be enacted, as part of creating a democracy fit for purpose.

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About Social Rebirth

Money is an abstract concept which is disconnected from the natural world. If we continue to pursue growth and consumption, then we are headed for disaster as the limitations of nature become apparent. Yet there are those who seek to consolidate resources for their own personal advantage, to the detriment of our planet and society. Our survival depends on us sustaining our habitat. Accumulation, greed, and misuse of resources are at direct odds with this. We could create a benevolent society of peace and an abundance of the things which truly matter if we could just put down our flags and recognise ourselves as a global, interdependent family. Those who seek to misappropriate the Earth’s resources for their own ends use division to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. They spread the myth of individualism, competition, under the asinine philosophy of “survival of the fittest”, believing that the natural world survives by conflict. Yet this antiquated idea is driving us into oblivion. Cooperation is where mankind thrives. In fact cooperation is the only way mankind is going to survive. We need to come together, taking society back from the parasites; the greedy; the corrupt; to build a culture we can be proud of, a world of empathy, equality, and social progress. Social Rebirth is a collaborative blog written in Melbourne, Australia.