Exclusive to Social Rebirth

Our global environment is crumbling as we find ourselves in the midst of what looks to be a 6th mass extinction event, brought on as a result of our determination to maintain a growth based economy on a finite planet.

There is a way forward, but we must first understand the damage we have done to our spaceship Earth and how our social environment has conditioned us into behaviour patterns which are not conducive to maintaining a healthy biosphere or society.

Those understandings lead to a self evident train of thought which encourages us to move decisively away from Capitalism and toward an economy based on collaboration and fairness.

By Stuart Dobson and Sean Hurley

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125 Pages of rational intelligence that SHOULD be taught in every grade of school, from elementary to masters! I wonder how mankind refers to itself as the most important, greatest living beings on the planet when the world is being devastated by the hands of fools.” – Jane Christensen