One World

One world…..One…World.

Life, in many forms.
One species of humans…
One species.

Our home, one small planet among countless others.
We have a choice.
Share it with each other, or kill each other.

We are fantastic at finding reasons and ways to kill each other.
Not so good at accepting difference, and holding out a helping hand.

We excel at turning a blind eye.
While struggling to solve the major problems our species is confronted with in order to move forward together.

We can build bombs and armies, or we can feed our entire species.

We choose bombs and armies.

We can freely share our wealth of knowledge , or we can beat each other down as we climb the corporate ladder.

We choose to beat each other down.

We can celebrate diversity, or we can hate those who are different.

We choose to hate.

To an outsider looking in we would appear to be a species of self centred beings incapable of seeing the bigger picture.

Why does it take a terrible event to bring us together, and shortly after we return to our self destructive ways?
Is this all we can ever hope to be?

Can we not work together as one species for the betterment of all?

Of course we can, if we choose to.
The choice of course is yours.

What will you choose?

Peace and love, or hate and destruction?

Not only is this a choice you must make, but you must continue to make it everyday.

It is all to easy to say “I will be a better person.”
It is all together another matter to put it into practice every day.

Nobody ever said it would be easy.
What we have today is a result of the easy way.
It’s not working.

Everyday we can see examples of our failing systems in the media.

We can make excuses, we can tell ourselves it’s not that bad.
We can even choose to blame the less fortunate for the way they live…..
Or die.

We can point our fingers and say it’s their fault, and try to place blame.
Or we could do what’s really hard.

We could take a long hard look in the mirror and ask.
“What have I done to effect change?”

We can wait until tomorrow, or the next day.
Wait until things get worse.
We can act today.

It is up to you.

One World
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