To Vote for Change, Change Your Vote


Well America it is almost time to vote, you have a big choice in front of you. You can support the establishment and vote for Trump or you can support the establishment and vote for Clinton.

I know, I know they are not the same. Trump, while not supported by the corporate world, is a type of grotesque incarnation of the established order. He may not get the support of the mainstream but he loves the media, it made him who he is. Clinton on the other hand is a liar, cozy in bed with the media, friendly with Wall Street, and well experienced in destructive foreign policy.

But this is not about the “main players” this is about you, the people of America. This is your once-in-every-four-years-shot to express yourselves. Since 2008 your lives have been in turmoil, banks have gotten richer and richer while you have continued to lose everything. Some would say a vote for Trump is a big “F@%k You” to the established order, but really Trump is part of the rich elite.

The Anti-establishment Vote is Third Party

No America the real finger in the face of the system would be a massive mobilization of people to vote third party, and you can do it. Of those eligible to vote in the United States very few of you actually vote. This plays into the hands of the establishment. For decades it has been Republican or Democrat. There have been wars under both. We have had recessions under both, job losses under both and the rich have gotten richer under both.

If you want to shake up the system don’t vote for Trump. If you are looking for a better option than “The Don” don’t vote for Hillary. Inspire the 88 million people who do not vote in general elections to vote for a third party. The established order has had a long run. They have destroyed everything from the environment, to family values, to the middle class. They have bailed out the banks, implemented a global police state, and stirred up the middle east. It is time to move away from the status quo. It is just not working.

You can send an eviction notice to the establishment. Not with a vote for the dangerous and unpredictable Trump, but with a vote for a third party. Have a woman president without voting for Clinton, vote for Jill Stein. You can flip your middle finger in the face of the corporatocracy without voting Trump. In fact voting one of the rich elite into the most powerful political position in the land would be more like flipping yourself off. You can vote third party, you can vote Green or Libertarian. Give Stein and the Greens a shot, or Gary Johnson, the Republicans and Democrats have only gotten us all to this point, to where we are. How much worse will it need to get before you consider a third option?

If You Don’t Vote Third Party the Establishment Will Win

If you want to shake up the establishment, to shake the ground beneath the feet of the elite who have taken so much from you. If you want any real change then you need to start with the way you vote. Think about that on November 8th as you stand in the voting booth ready to sell all our futures down the river for more of the same ole same ole we have had for decades.

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