Time Person Year

Time awarded a couple U.S. politicians person of the year for 2020. At Social Rebirth we feel that is absolute garbage so we are going to fix it for Time.

Person of the Year for 2020 goes to not one or two people but hundreds of millions. It goes to people who battled adversity, who put their lives on the line to save others, who put themselves at risk to keep the basics of society functional.

For 2020 the Time person of the year are nurses and doctors. They are essential workers who kept supermarkets filled, pharmacies operating and hospitals functional. They are the firefighters, ambos and scientists. They are carers for the disabled and elderly who risked infection to do their jobs daily. They are employees of water companies, electricity companies, sanitation workers and the people who keep public transport going. They are the employees producing medication and personal protective equipment like facemasks and sanitizer. They are cleaners who stepped up to keep public spaces and businesses sanitary, they are teachers who teach our children remotely and in the classroom. They are people like you who did what was hard and wore masks, socially distanced and made the best of lockdowns.

Time Person of the Year

The Time 2020 person of the year are ordinary people everywhere who did extraordinary things together when called upon. Congratulations to every single one of you, society could not have functioned without you. A far better selection than two U.S. politicians who did nothing more of significance than the rest of us.

We Need To Fix the Time Person of the Year
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Sean views society as changeable, and seeks to investigate, challenge and bring into question our current social system of organisation, treating nothing as taboo or unchangeable.