The Western Media Lies About Syria Here is the Proof

Start at 14:00 to hear Eva Bartlett

Eva Bartlett is an independent Journalist, publishing on In Gaza, having lived in the Gaza Strip between late 2008 and 2013 documenting Israeli war crimes. She also spent time in Syria over the same period of time, from June to August 2016 and again from October to November of 2016. Between October and November of 2016 Eva visited Aleppo speaking in Arabic to the people living their.

Eva expresses, at the press conference, that the Western Media is lying to people and providing false information, keeping people in the dark about what is really happening in Syria. She raises the following points at the press conference.

  • UN ceasefires are pointless because the Western supported terrorist groups do not recognise them.
  • The people of Aleppo want Aleppo to be completely freed of Western backed terrorist groups.
  • The people support the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian Government.
  • The BBC, Guardian and the New York Times are publishing lies.
  • The more than one and a half million people living in greater Aleppo have suffered attacks at the hands of Western backed terrorist groups.
  • Syrians see themselves as Syrian first and accept each other as Syrian regardless of sect.
  • The Western media has misrepresented stories about Hospital attacks.
  • She has seen evidence of Western backed terrorists producing gas canister bombs.
  • Western backed terrorists prevent people from fleeing Eastern Aleppo to the safety of Government controlled areas of the city.
  • There are no International Organisations on the ground in Aleppo.
  • The White Helmets are a group that no Syrian Eva has spoken to in Aleppo has heard of or seen.
  • The Western Corporate Media is feeding an agenda of regime change.
  • The Western Media continues to maintain that the War in Syria is a “civil war”, completely ignoring the fact that a United States backed coalition is bombing Syria and funding and arming terrorist groups. It can not be a civil war is foreign nations are actively taking part in the overthrow of a sovereign nation’s government.
  • In 2014 the Syrian people voted in elections thousand traveling to vote from war zones and foreign nations that had closed Syrian embassies.

Eva Bartlett then responded to Ishmael Daro of Buzzfeed, which was published on Off Guardian on December 16 2016, where she backs her claims with further source material. Take the time to listen to what Eva has to say, follow up with some independent research and decide for yourself if the  Western backed media is providing the full story.

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